Project Management Life-Cycle

StagePMBoK StageTemplates, ToolsInputOutputActivities
  • New program/project request
    Preliminary and minimal nugget of information
  • Preliminary Project definition and attributes, enough for triage
  • Log new project with basic information
  • Basic project information
  • Project classification

  • PM Strategy: Whether project will go through PPM rigor or not?
  • Discussion between requesting division, executing division and PPO
  • Basic project information needing PPM rigor
  • Brief project proposal, including ballpark costs
  • Working group to develop proposal, led by executing IT unit
  • Project proposal
  • Approved and prioritized project proposal OR proposal sent back for revision OR proposal sent back for consolidation with other project proposal(s)
  • Project Review Board (PRB) reviews proposal considering alignment with strategic priorities set by Strategic Council (SC)
  • Discussions and revisions recorded in PPM tool
  • Project proposal approved and prioritized by PRB
  • Funded project. Proposal may need modification due to funding constraints or phased funding
  • Budgetary review by funding source(s)
  • Approved and funded Project proposalÊ
  • Project/product release(s)
  • Planning & Execution (Waterfall or Agile method) led by PPO or Division PM
  • Periodic reporting to PRB and SC
  • Completed project
  • Lessons learned, improvement areas
  • Identification of follow up projects
  • Start executing sustainability plan
  • Updated Service Catalogue
  • Retrospective