Strategic projects

Must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Directly related to or directly helping 3 priorities of the University as set out by the President in October 2015. A summary of these priorities as an institutional strategy is available here.
  2. Projects, spanning weeks and/or months NOT days
  3. Medium – High complexity

Examples: most projects within the NGSIS programs, Academic Toolkit Renewal

Tactical projects

Projects which are not Strategic AND meet majority of the following criteria:

  1. Projects, spanning 3 or more weeks and/or months NOT days
  2. 2 or more ITS units involved
  3. High visibility
  4. High impact
  5. Needs significant external (to ITS) communication and marketing
  6. Driven by an externally imposed deadline or regulatory requirements

Examples: VM Data Center set up, StarRez, OUAC modernization/upgrade, Kronos time tracking, Self-Serve Password Reset

Operational projects

  1. Business as usual work on an existing system, provides incremental improvements or technology upgrades
  2. Fixes and minor enhancements
  3. Effort is typically small-medium (up to 3 weeks)

Overall Project Health

  • Green (on track)
  • Yellow  (slightly off track, expected to recover)
  • Red (off track)
  • Gray (Project plan does not exist yet OR project is yet to report information to the PMO, we are working on it)
  • Completed


Project Stages

  1. Identification: Project identified, background information is gathered
  2. Proposal: Project is being proposed, funding will be requested
  3. Review: Proposal is undergoing review, funding is being sought
  4. Execution: Project in execution phase (includes Pilot or PoC)
  5. Closed: Completed, released and closed. (Reminder: Service Catalogue to be updated)
  6. Sustain: Project is being maintained, supported and sustained in business-as-usual mode