We recognize that Communication is a key success factor in Portfolio and Project Management. Communication issues are even more pronounced in a decentralized university where Project Management is less “Command and Control”, and based more on influence, frequent communication and collaboration. Therefore, ITS PMO is facilitating and participating in various forums to foster better communication and to create increased awareness about upcoming changes. As listed below, these forums cut horizontally across multiple layers of the organisational hierarchy within ITS and the University.

ForumStatusAudiencePurposeFrequencyIntranet Site
ITS Directors Project Updates ForumStarted Summer 2015ITS Directors reporting to the CIOChange awareness, coordination of resources, Issues identificationMonthly
ITS Project Management ForumStarted Spring 2015Project Managers + ITS Staff who are not formally designated PMs but carry out some aspects of Project Management as part of their day- to-day work
  1. Networking with each other across ITS
  2. Sharing and learning on-the-ground planning and task management practices from each other
  3. Identifying Project Management needs which will help shape a Project Management practice within ITS
  4. Pursue targeted topics of interest like ITIL,
  5. Emerging Trends, Professional Development
Every 2-3 months
ITS Change Awareness ForumTentative start January 2016Managers/Supervisors + key Tech LeadsChange awareness. dependency management, big picture awarenessMonthly
University IT Leaders ForumStarting November 2015Divisional IT DirectorsChange awarenessMonthly