AreaProjectTypeStageKey ObjectivesMore InformationOverall HealthITS LeadCommentsLast Updated
CommunicationsMass CommunicationsTacticalExecution1. Communicate across University to advise on urgent/crisis situations.
2. Emergency alerts and outreach to the University community.
UT Alert SiteVicki VokasTeam won an award for Excellence in Innovation.
System is working as planned.
July 13, 2016
CommunicationsAlerts ("Alertus")TacticalExecution1. Expands capacity for mass messaging service to those not carrying/viewing phones
2. Emergency messaging to desktops
UT Alert SiteIvan SestakSystem works in current configuration.
Investigating participation in Alertus Premium.
July 13, 2016
CommunicationsFaculty & Staff EmailTacticalReview1. Better collaboration and communication system, current system(s) is fragmented and lacks collaboration tools
2. Unified and integrated tools for all faculty, staff and students
3. Improve service capacity, uptime, functionality, security
4. Reduce reliance on locally run comm and collab services
Email Consultation WebsiteMarden PaulMethod for migrating large data set being assessed. Technical and vendor meetings in-progress and follow-up. July 13, 2016
Content ManagementSimcoe Hall WebsitesTacticalExecution1. Support and maintain websites for departments/office in Vice-Provostial portfolios
2. Migrate Vice-Provostial clients from ActiveCMS to new platform (primarily WordPress)
3. Provide website analysis, redesign and redevelopment
4. Improve information architecture
Ivan SestakSome site restructuring advised.
Web site support by CST. Web site development providers discussions.
July 13, 2016
HelpdeskWeb Helpdesk Ticketing SystemTacticalExecution1. Provide a unified ticketing system for units across the University
2. Deploy to units across the University to aid in ticket transfers and reduction in end-user bouncing
3. Speed response time to problem resolution
4. Identify common and frequent problems and resolve root causes
Ivan SestakFull ITS deployment pending adoption. ACT migration from Fogbugz into service.July 13, 2016
OtherSCCM 2012TacticalExecution1. Provide a unified system to manage workstations in the University Environment
2. Publish new applications and deploy automatically
3. One point for software and hardware inventory for University assets
4. Collaborative building and maintenance of applications in a common repository
5. Identify common and frequent problems and resolve root causes and deploy immediately
Ivan SestakExisting SCCM 2007 clients will be migrated to 2012 in the summer. New clients are being on-boarded directly to SCCM 2012. Upgrade completed successfully.
July 13, 2016
LicensingMicrosoft EEE Campus AgreementTacticalExecution1. The Campus Agreement provides CORE CAL licenses, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Forefront Endpoint protection (for Windows), System Center Endpoint Protection 2012 (Windows, Linux amd Mac) and Microsoft Office Professional for Windows or Macintosh for installation on University of Toronto owned equipment
2. Individual units can use the umbrella agreement to uplift additional Microsoft products including Enterprise CAL licenses
3. Provide a licensing server to the community for license compliance
4. Provide a Home Use program - pay for use software at a deeply discounted rate
UofT Microsoft SiteIvan SestakNew campus agreement in place. Services available at microsoft.utoronto.caJuly 13, 2016
ContentSharePoint 2013TacticalExecution1. Virtualize current physical Sharepoint servers (web server and data storage array)
2. Upgrade the Central Administrative SharePoint Environment from Sharepoint 2010 Standard to SharePoint 2013 Enterprise
Ivan SestakStaff were given Sharepoint training by Microsoft via the premier services agreement to assist in providing support.
Sites receive uploads without issue.
July 13, 2016
ContentGoverning Council Digitization ProjectTacticalExecution1. Digitize the Governing Council Archive room which consists of 500 banker boxes of documents
2. OCR the documents to increase searchability and accessibility
3. Import the documents into SharePoint 2013 and apply taxonomy and meta-tagging
Ivan SestakDocument migration in-progress. Scanning proceeds on remaining documents as planned.July 13, 2016
CommunicationsAV Meeting Room Refresh SHTacticalPlanningUpdate the AV equipment in Simcoe Hall.Ivan SestakVendor engineering assessment and requirement reviews. Tri-campus participation. Schedule planning and negotiations in-progress.July 13, 2016
Risk ManagementNew Client IntegrationsTacticalExecution1. Migrate new Clients into the UTORcsi EnvironmentIvan SestakFaculty of Information, Trinity, Pharmacy all proceeding with migrations.July 13, 2016
Risk ManagementADFS & UTORcsi IntegrationTacticalPlanning1. Integrate ADFS Authentication to UTORcsi
2. Allows UTORid based authentication to workstations
Ivan SestakProject on hold pending available resources.July 13, 2016
CommunicationsSimcoe Support Service SiteTacticalExecution1. Provide one-stop site for Simcoe+ clients to discover services, receive feeds of important info tech related issues like current phishes, system outages.
2. Provide staff list and who to call information.
3. FAQ on solving problems that appear regularly on WHD.
4. Provide real-time ticket volume and performance data from WHD.
5. Schedule of lunch and learn education opportunities.
Marden PaulResources allocated to development activities. Backlog being reduced. Team resources and activitiy increased.July 13, 2016
Risk ManagementInformation Risk Management & Policy in Information Security and Protection of Digital AssetsTacticalProposal1. Reduce risk of information leakage and misuse
2. Create: Policy on the Information Security and the Protection of Digital Assets
3. Implement: Practices on the management of risk during the life-cycle of digital assets
Policy WebsiteRobert CookPolicy unanimously approved by Governing Council on 25 February. Policy listed on GC Web site. WGIRM committee to issue their report. Working with IS, communicating good practices. Response to recommendations - committee nominations pending.
July 13, 2016
Risk ManagementExpelled Students Off-Boarding ProtocolTacticalPlanning1. Ensure that IT services from across the University are withdrawn from expelled students.Marden PaulConsultation with key stakeholders and Information Security.July 11, 2016
Risk ManagementEnvironmental Health and Safety Training SiteTactical Planning1. Modifications required to existing training process to align with legislative requirements. Goal to streamline process directly from the portal.Marden PaulConsulting with key stakeholders.July 13, 2016
ConsultingAncilliary Services IT ReviewTacticalExecution1. Review Ancillary Services departments IT issues and requirements
2. Provide report on current state and recommendations for improvements moving forward
Marden PaulImplementing assessment recommendations in-progress. Town Hall meeting held June 22.July 13, 2016
SurveysIT Assessment (TechQual) 2015StrategicExecution1. Provide comparative data on IT services with our North American higher ed
2. Review baseline
3. To assess IT service delivery, help establish and support strategic initiatives for ITS and IT investments
SurveyVicki VokasSurvey to close and proceed with collating reports.July 13, 2016
TrainingIT Learning Academy TacticalExecution1. Provides full suite of Microsoft training materials, including programs of study and discounted certification exams
2. Reduce expenditures on MS training across University
3. Training available to ALL active community members
IT AcademyIvan SestakMonthly ITS newsletter story ready for release. UTORid integration for summer release.
July 13, 2016
EventsTechKnowFile 2016
TacticalReviewTo provide professional development opportunity to all IT staff and those working with technology at the University of Toronto.TKF 2016Vicki VokasHighest attendance on record to TKF 2016. Keynote speakers well received and successful fundraising efforts. Food services and AV services all excellent. July 13, 2016
ContentBanting and Best CRM-like ProjectTacticalProposal1. To provide Banting and Best Innovations team with project tracking capabilities with common dataset for sponsor and leadership reporting. Marden PaulRequirements gathering in-progress.July 13, 2016
SurveysCore Data Survey 2015
StrategicSustainmentThe EDUCAUSE Core Data Survey (CDS) is performed annually.  Around 1,000 schools participate. The CDS gathers information across 8 subject areas. Data from other schools, peers and others, provides empirical data that may be used to support/refute plans and decision-making at U of T.EDUCAUSE Core Data SurveyMarden PaulReports available from Educause.
Benchmarking data is now available.
July 13, 2016