AreaProjectTypeStageKey ObjectivesMore InformationOverall HealthITS LeadCommentsLast Updated
Identity ManagementActive Directory Rollout Q1 2016TacticalExecution1. School of Graduate Studies
2. Object level backup and recovery
3. Remote Desktop Gateway (passwords and eToken authentication)
4. Security Baseline Policy Management and AD Hardening
5. Course Group Improvements - "Current" session groups
6. TechSmith Relay
7. AD Password Filter Update
Ian ThomasResource constraint.Sept. 14, 2016
Identity ManagementActive Directory Rollout Q2 2016TacticalExecution1. UTM
2. Geo-redundancy @ UTM
Ian ThomasUTM has completed the infrastructure upgrades required to host EAD. IRRM to resume in October (resource limitation in ISEA)
Cross-Forest trust to be established for UTM by Sept. 16
Sept. 14, 2016
Identity ManagementUTORId MigrationTacticalExecutionThe UTORid enterprise services are online resources that provide lifecycle management for: a) low and standard assurance authentication and b) coarse-grained directory information for the University of Toronto community. These services were developed and maintained in-house and are considered essential to the business operations of the University.
The software component of the service needs to be re-designed for the following reasons: a) separate functionality so old and new components can be managed effectively b) upgrade components to current standards and c) improve client interfaces.

Project WebsiteMike WisemanCreate new platform, implement synchronization of existing UTORid platform.
Develop/firm up operational procedures.
June 15, 2016
Identity ManagementUTORId Process ReviewStrategicPropose1. Identify "pain-points" with the current UTORId processes
2. Identify new requirements which need to be met, example: process to on-board IDs for remote students who never set foot on campus
3. Based on the high-level requirements gathered above, propose changes or overhaul to the current Identity Management processes and system
Rajiv Kaushik (PMO)March 04, 2016
Identity ManagementUTORvpn UpgradeTacticalReviewUpdate existing UTORvpn service given the following feature requests:
•choose different VPN product to improve installation, operation and usability aspects.
•support concurrent use of admin system access and general purpose remote access VPN.
•support native operating system VPN clients.
•support custom connectivity to departmental networks.
•support multifactor authentication.
Mike WisemanJune 15, 2016
Identity ManagementDigital Certificate ResellTacticalProposeIncrease access to webserver digital certificate products by reducing costs and improving operational processes to the service. Mike WisemanJune 15, 2016
Identity ManagementMulti Factor AuthenticationTacticalProposeExpand the use of multifactor authentication for staff and faculty to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to personally identifiable information and identity theft.Mike WisemanJune 15, 2016
Identity ManagementUTORId for Remote StudentsStrategicPropose1. UofT is admitting students who are taking only on-line courses and cannot visit the T-Card Office to receive a Secret Activation Key (SAK) to activate their UTORids.
2. A new process is required to enable the activation of UTORids of registered students who are not present on campus.
Mike WisemanSystem solution not possible, Manual workaround being implemented. Future state planned Q3-Q4June 15, 2016
Identity ManagementWebSSO UpgradeTacticalExecutionImprove the institutional web single sign-on service to support additional functionality such as multifactor authentication technologies. Mike WisemanUpgrade current Shibboleth identity provider services from version 2.x to version 3.x In progress. Completion date: Apr. 30
June 15, 2016
Identity ManagementActive Directory Rollout Q4 2015TacticalSustainment1. ServiceNow
2. Cognos
3. HRIS Departmental Groups
4. Department attribute for Staff & Faculty
CompletedIan ThomasJan. 22, 2016
Identity ManagementAuthorization (Grouper) ImplementationTacticalSustainment1. Provides a framework for application level authorization. Example: User John Smith is authorized to view TCard Photos
2. In the absence of a framework, each application will create its own authorization framework, leading to the challenge of many authorization systems across ITS
CompletedPete St. OngeNov 19,2015
Identity ManagementUtorid User Experience (UX) RefreshStrategicSustainmentMake design changes to Join/UTOR pages in order to improve UX for applicants/students and in order minimize potential questions/emailsProject WebsiteCompletedMike WisemanDec 15, 2015
Identity ManagementSelf-Serve Password ResetTacticalSustainment1. Users can reset their own UTORID password
2. Currently Faculty & Staff have to go to Robarts or call helpdesk
CompletedIan ThomasNov 19,2015
Identity ManagementPassword QualityTacticalSustainmentStrengthen the value of the UTORid password as an authenticatorProject WebsiteCompletedIan ThomasNov 19,2015
Identity Management2 Factor Authentication (eToken)
TacticalSustainment1. 2 factor authentication provides higher level of security for applications requiring a higher level of assurance
2. Involves migration away from SecurID
eToken WebsiteCompletedMike WisemanNov 19,2015