Student (EASI)

AreaProjectTypeStageKey ObjectivesMore InformationOverall HealthITS LeadCommentsLast Updated
Academic & Life Experience Degree Explorer EnhancementsStrategicSustainmentThis initiative will result in modifications to the Degree Explorer application to address improvements to application performance and responsiveness using Open UI with specific emphasis on the Student Planner featuresEnvironment Configuration: (Underway)
• Development, QAT, UAT - Target Feb '17
• Production - Target Feb '17

Degree Explorer Student Re-write (Angular JS)
• Target: Feb '17

Degree Explorer Admin Re-write (Angular JS)
• Target: June '17

Various Enhancements
• Development Complete: TBD, Post Jun '17
Miki Harmath / Blair Thompson
The development plan has been revised in favour of an internal development strategy January 27, 2017
Academic & Life Experience StarRez EnhancementsTacticalSustainmentThis initiative addresses modifications to the Bio-Demographic import from ROSI to StarRez in order to ensure a more complete and up-to-date view of enrolment and other student information. The Trinity College Residence Management implementation is targeted for Q1 of 2017

The revisions to the Bio-Demographic Import from ROSI to StarRez is targeted for Q2 of 2017
Rodney Branch / Julia HuyckeThe Residence Management implementation will enable Trinity College to automate many of their current student housing processes.

The revisions to the Bio-Demographic Import from ROSI to StarRez will ensure a more complete and up-to-date view of enrolments and other student information, allowing improved reporting capabilities and decision making.
January 27, 2017
Academic & Life Experience StarRez Residence Management Student PhotosTacticalClosedThis initiative will facilitate student identification and security within UofT residences by making Tcard photos available to authorized users of StarRez. It will reduce the administrative effort of loading non-official and non-standardized photosInitial exploratory development began in April 2016.

Project was implemented to production Mid-August 2016 as scheduled
Completed Julia HuyckeThe Development Phase for this project is complete.

QA, User Testing completed

Released Mid-August, 2016
August 23, 2016
Academic & Life Experience ACORN EnhancementsStrategicExecutionThis initiative is concerned with building out valuable, usable functionality in ACORN. Current project streams include:
•Optimizing ACORN for mobile devices
•Implementing print/PDFs for popular records such as the invoice, timetable and unofficial transcript
• Implementing Improvements to Finance functionality, such as Facilitating credit card payment for tuition & fees, configuring a Financial Planning calculator and delivering enrolment enhancements to search, cart and messaging
• Creating a Timetable Builder
• Delivering a staff view of student screens
New Degree Explorer Student Planner – Underway (Target Q1-2017)

Timetable Builder in ACORN – Underway (Target Q1-2017)

New module to streamline "Diploma Reprint" Requests for Convocation Office – Underway (Target Q1-2017)

Diploma Reprint module - (Target Q2-2017)

New Degree Explorer Administrator functionality - (Target Q3-2017)

Modifications to Notification functionality - (Target Q4-2017)
Mark Johnston January 27, 2017
Student RecordsExam Invigilator ApplicationTacticalCompleteThis initiative will develop functionality to ensure proper visual and digital authentication of students writing exams and establish automated attendance tracking within examsCurrently in initial phases - met with FAS, UTM, UTSC for requirements validation.

Meetings held with Registrars on St George Campus to socialize requirements

Kick Off meeting held in October
CompleteMatthew HendricksonPilot Project:
◦User Testing: BOM November 2016 (Complete)
◦Release to Production: December 2016 (On Track)
December 6, 2016
Student RecordsAdmissions OUAC ModernizationTacticalCompleteThis initiative will allow Student Records' systems to continue to receive and process undergraduate applicants at UofT after OUAC replaces their current system. System Analysis and Design Progress: Complete

Development Progress: Complete

Testing Progress: Complete
CompletedMiki Harmath / Matthew HendricksonThis project depends on OUAC completing their work as planned.

Target August 2016 to complete development - Complete

Go-Live target is Mid-October 2016 - Complete
October 25, 2016
Student FinancesStudent AccountsTacticalPost Go-Live & Support1. Student Accounts project efforts will provide the ability to easily reconcile between the existing legacy system (ROSI) and the SAP financial system.
2. SA Project will provide Student Accounts staff with granular information pertaining to each student allowing front line staff to better deal with the daily needs / questions of U of T students.
3. SA Project will streamline a number of daily financial functions pertaining to students
Project Go Live for ACORN Credit Card Payment is scheduled for July 2016 - Complete

Phase 1: Go-Live for Student Non-Financial data is July 2016 - Complete

Phase 2: Go-Live for Student Financial Data is eom November 2016 - Complete
Philip Millenaar / Lorena Gaudio
The project will allow more timely and reliable reconciliation between the ROSI legacy system and SAP Financials systems

The project will pave the way for future decommissioning of the ROSI system

January 25, 2017
Student FinancesStudent Award SolutionsStrategicExecutionThis initiative will complete a current assessment of processes and systems related to administration and financial management of Graduate and Undergraduate Awards (Needs based, Merit, Grants, etc.,).

The project team will develop a design framework of an awards solution from an administrator, student, etc., perspective. Identify detailed business/user requirements based on the validated high level design and prepare an RFP for tender if applicable.
Awards Solution Design sessions (Complete)

Consolidation of Awards record data, Criteria Evaluation (Complete)

Capture Customer and Administrative User Requirements (Complete)

Post RFI for Procurement: Target Jan '17
Farah Ally January 25, 2017
Student FinancesFinancial Improvements for StudentsStrategicSustainmentContinue to update ACORN, the new student web service, with enhancements requested by students and staff to improve delivery of financial services.

Current initiatives include:

• Adding a new Awards & Aid space providing students with personalized connections with funding options and a record of their personal award history

• Adding a new U of T grant application. Taking an existing largely manual and paper based set of processes and streamlining them through an online application.

• Facilitating credit card payment for tuition & fees

• Configuring a Financial Planning calculator
Various release dates

•Financial planning calculator: A new tool to assist students in determining how much it costs to attend U of T - September 2016 (Complete)

•A downloadable PDF version of the invoice (Complete)

•Online credit card payment: The option to pay tuition on-line using Visa or Mastercard - September 2016 (Complete)

•Awards space: A new menu option providing general information of financial aid resources and information on upcoming or previous financial aid payments by the University - September 2016 (Complete)

• A new on-line grant application for emergency financial aid October 2016 (Complete)
CompletedMark JohnstonJanuary 25, 2017
Curriculum Design & DevelopmentCalendar / Curriculum Publisher TacticalExecutionThe Calendar initiative will provide divisions with an easy to use tool to manage and publish web based curricular materials. The functionality will include role based workflows, a content management system for non curricular content, and easy PDF formatting.

• The solution will include processes to import canonical curricular information from Curriculum Management (CM) which will ensure curricular content has passed governance stages before publication

• Accessible, searchable content will be implemented for student users of the solution

Pilot with John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Design in co-ordination with CM pilot  (Complete)

2016-17 School of Graduate Studies Calendar - to be co-ordinated after CM launch for graduate courses and programs (Target Q2 2017)

2016-17 University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC) Calendar (1Q 2017)

2016-17 Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) Calendar (1Q 2017)

2016-17 Faculty of Medicine (Med) Calendar (2Q 2017)
Rodney Branch /
Kaelyn Lindquist
Conversion of current users of the OnLine Calendar (OLC) tool for the next Calendar/governance cycle, in coordination with CM implementation is underway.

End-User Training to address browser configuration for optimized viewing is underway.
January 25, 2017
Curriculum Design & DevelopmentCurriculum ManagementStrategicExecutionThe UofT is participating in the development of a Cloud Based Curriculum Management application with Kuali Co, the commercial affiliate of the Kuali Foundation. The new CM application will be part of an eco-system of prducts to support Course and Program Management at the UofT.

Faculty of Arts and Science
• FAS Undergraduate Course Implementation (Complete)
• Undergraduate Program Implementation (Complete)
• Graduate Course Implementation (TBD)
• Reporting: Feb '17

University of Toronto - Scarborough Campus
• Undergraduate Course and Program Implementation (Complete)
• Graduate Course Implementation (Complete)
• Reporting: Feb '17
greenRodney Branch / Farah Ally / Gerald LindoA Pilot was recently completed with Architecture for undergraduate courses. Initial work is now completed for several large multi-department divisions.

Additional work is underway for Undergraduate Program Management and Graduate Course Management Implementations
January 25, 2017
Curriculum Design & DevelopmentCourse Information SystemStrategicExecutionThe University seeks to implement a centrally supported course information system which allows for the collection and dissemination of pedagogical information as well as integration of this information with key administrative processes and systems at the University. The ideal system will meet the needs of a number of stakeholders including instructors who will enter information such as course marking schemes, office hours, and final exam details, administrators who may need to review or approve this information, and students who require a course syllabus.

The Project Charter for this initiative has been completed.
Stream 1.a :: Final Exam Submission Pilot (Complete: Q4, 2016)

Stream 1.b :: Final Exam Submission Broad Rollout (On Track)
◦ Release to Production: Target March 2017

Stream 2.a :: Syllabus Processing Pilot I (On Track)
◦ Release to Production: Target Summer, 2017
greenGerald LindoRequirements associated to Core Components and Syllabus streams have been merged. The shared stream will be named Syllabus ProcessingJanuary 25, 2017
StudentACORN 1.0StrategicSustainment1. Replace existing ROSI-SWS for students
2. Provide a more guided, personalized and convenient online experience for students (desktop and mobile)
3. Empower students to make informed decisions about their student lives
4. Reduce unnecessary inquiries to student support services offices by providing clearly understandable information to student users
5. Automate convocation ticketing
ACORN Project WebsiteCompletedMark JohnstonFeb. 26, 2016
StudentOnline Grading (eMarks)TacticalSustainmentEMARKS is an application that improves the process of submitting and approving final marks by providing a consistent, accessible, secure and reliable web interface. It facilitates the communications between administrators, instructors and approvers, so that marks are submitted and uploaded to the Student Information System (ROSI) in a timely manner. CompletedMargaret BuraJan 13, 2016

Human Resources (EASI)

AreaProjectTypeStageKey ObjectivesMore InformationOverall HealthITS LeadCommentsLast Updated 
HRTime and Attendance Tracking & Reporting (KRONOS)TacticalExecutionThis initiative will:
1. Create automation and efficiency through standardized processes on a single tool.
2. Reduce manual processes in time tracking.
3. Create automation and efficiency through standardized processes on a single tool.
4. Administer in Central HR and harmonize as a shared service.

The solution is currently implemented at KPE and we are evaluating options to convert existing TimeLink clients and others who might be interested.
Kinesiology and Physical Education: Go-live completed - November, 2015.

Kronos Upgrade from V7 to V8 (Java-Free environment): go-live completed October 13, 2016

Implementation rollout for UTM IITS, UTSC, and Hart House: Go-live completed

Food Services & Chestnut parallel testing underway

Robarts Library and UTM Library project started - scheduled to move to Kronos from TimeLink May

EASI and BOA casual staff scheduled to go-live on Kronos mid-March
Andrew McHardyCurrently evaluating Facilities & Services to determine feasibility of using Kronos Mar 1, 2017
HR (Recruitment)Employee Onboarding - TaleoTacticalExecutionThis initiative will address:
1. Offer Management
2. Pre-hire Integration
3. Processing around the New Hire Information Package and workflow
4. Consistently provisioning of the UTORid before start date

Charter Approved

Business Requirements Documentation - completed

Solution Design/Development - Completed

IRRM assessment - completed

Go-Live Completed
Zac RyanFirst two hires successfully brought onboard through new eOffer process

Beginning review of program expansion to additional divisions
Mar 1, 2017
HR (Self Service)Employee and Manager Self ServiceTactical/StrategicIdentification/Execution1. Implement New Employment Equity Survey
2. Manager Self-Service implemented to support workflow approvals
3. Vacation tracking for all/most appointed employee groups
4. Add MSS reporting capabilities to enhance and enable easy manager access to information.
Leave Tracking requirements defined – development on hold until early 2017

Automated Benefits Enrollment forms requirements documentation completed

Employment Equity survey went live in ESS on July 1

Vacation caps and payouts - Delayed to 2017

Mandatory benefits enrollment - Development and Testing Completed

Mandatory benefits enrollment go-live March 8
Andrew McHardyLeave tracking BRD being revised to clarify scope and roles & responsibilities – kick off week of March 20

Electronic Benefits enrollment forms development to begin mid-March
Mar 1, 2017
HRHalogen UpgradeTacticalClosedUpgrade to the latest version of Halogen
Target November for Implementation - CompletedCompletedAndrew McHardyJan 25, 2017
HRTA Data Capture & Reporting PilotTacticalExecution1. Develop a solution that leverages the existing Arts & Science's TA application system (for collecting TA hours of work) and integrates with HRIS for electronic data collection and reporting.
2. Reduce paper processing and automate reporting as required by Labour Relations, the Vice Provost and Arts & Science.
3. Use as a proof of concept to assess potential for implementation across other divisions/departments.
Vendor Work Plan and Estimates: complete

FAS developed proof of concept in February 2017

FAS confirming departments participation – to begin in April

Go-Live (To be confirmed)
Farah AllyGroupEx secured as implementation partner.

FAS will begin soliciting division feedback in April
Mar 1, 2017
HRNew SAP HRIS Reporting Tool (Spinifex)StrategicExecution1. Implement an integrated reporting tool
2. Increase HR's ability to support the business through enhanced and automated reporting capabilities.
POC signed off officially (November '16)

Reporting tool is live in Production

Phase 2 to rollout Payroll Helpdesk tool has begun
Andrew McHardyMar 1, 2017
HRHalogen Single Sign-onOperationalClosed1. Implement Single Sign-on for Halogen (non unionized staff performance management tool) to improve user experience
2. Reduce the number of support requests related to authentication process
CompletedAndrew McHardyApril 26, 2016
HRNakisa UpgradeOperationalClosed1. Upgrade to the latest version of Nakisa 4.3 (org. management reporting tool)
2. Required to upgrade Nakisa in advance of a critical SAP Enhancement Pack
Upgrade to Nakisa to be completed September 12, 2016.CompletedAndrew McHardyNakisa 4.3 upgrade successfull

Aug 19, 2016

Procurement (EASI)

AreaProjectTypeStageKey ObjectivesMore InformationOverall HealthITS LeadCommentsLast Updated
ProcurementPurchase Order Workflow DevelopmentTacticalPost Development Testing1. Streamline purchase order creation process for high value purchase orders
2. Workflow will provide current status and audit trail
The workflow will eliminate the need for emails currently used in the high value PO creation process.

The workflow will also provide transparency to the current PO creation process.
John OggThe project will be rolled out to a Pilot group in Q3/Q4, 2016 and is set to be released at large in Q1, 2017. All development has been completed. Pilot audience being identified for limited rollout in November 2016 Nov. 10, 2016
ProcurementuSOURCETacticalSustainment1. Improve efficiency by moving away from paper process, targeting 74% user adoption whereby uShop has 45% adoption
2. Immediate cost and efficiency savings directly to Divisions , frees us staff to work on value added efforts
3. Improves accountability
uSOURCE WebsiteCompletedJohn OggFeb. 24, 2016


AreaProjectTypeStageKey ObjectivesMore InformationOverall HealthITS LeadCommentsLast Updated
FinancialsB6 Planning and Budgeting ImprovementsTacticalClosedThis initiative will provide the U of T Planning and Budgeting department the tools needed to generate accurate and reliable information for university use. Project will allow better and more accurate budgeting capabilities for P&B and all U of T departments working with budget informationCompletedJohn OggOctober 3, 2016
FinancialsFiscal Year End ProcessTacticalClosedTo provide a timely and efficient process to close out the fiscal year for U of T. CompletedJohn OggCo-ordination with Production Control for timing and staffing is done.
Testing has completed.
June 20, 2016
FinancialsPDF Levy Charge Application and Reconciliation Report TacticalClosedProvide U of T departments reconciliation information required to efficiently deal with the recent $50 PDF Levy charge being applied.CompletedJohn OggProject development is completed and the report is in production.June 20, 2016

Business Intelligence

AreaProjectTypeStageKey ObjectivesMore InformationOverall HealthITS LeadCommentsLast Updated
Business IntelligenceCourse Evaluations - Phase 2TacticalExecution1. Provide Reporting Repository and analytics technology to support analysis and understanding of divisional course evaluations
2. Support administrator analysis of tenure and promotion, quality assurance, student learning and strategic decision making
Sprint 0 – Oct 24 to Nov 4, 2016 - complete

Development Sprint 1 – complete Nov 25, 2016

Development Sprint 2 – complete 20 Dec 2016

Final Sprint 3 – started 2 Jan 2017 – ends 3 Feb 2017
Brenda BoshoffJan. 26, 2017
Business IntelligenceCourse Evaluations AnalysisTacticalDevelopment Completed1. Provide Reporting Repository and analytics technology to support analysis and understanding of institutional course evaluations.
2. Support administrator analysis of tenure and promotion, quality assurance, student learning and strategic decision making.
Prioritized User Stories and Data Model – April, May, 2016

Development Sprints 1 to 5 - June through October, 2016

Training & Implementation – Early November, 2016
CompletedPamela HarrisKickoff was held with Stakeholders and FUG members.

Project development is complete: Implementation is set to coincide with delivery of the training sessions in November.
Nov. 10, 2016
Business IntelligenceAdmissions Enhancements
TacticalClosed1. Redesign datamart to reflect new information requirements and business rules
2. Store information at key dates, allowing for historical analysis over key dates in time, such as admission rates on first day of class, etc.
3. Admissions Dashboard
Successfully ImplementedCompletedPamela HarrisTraining has been completed

Cubes and reports have been implemented
May 13, 2016
Business IntelligenceCo-Curricular RecordTacticalClosed1. Reporting for new Curricular Record System (Orbis) put in by Student Life
2. Aims to provide flexibility of analysis combined with data from ROSI (student performance, progress, ..)
CompletedPamela HarrisOct 27, 2015
Business IntelligenceStudent Funding
TacticalClosed1. Improve reporting and reconciliation of analytical data on student fees charged and income/awards
2. Targeted at Planning & Budget, Enrolment Services
CompletedPamela HarrisNov 11, 2015

Technical Services

AreaProjectTypeStageKey ObjectivesMore InformationOverall HealthITS LeadCommentsLast Updated
Technical ServicesSAP InfrastructureTacticalClosed1. Provide a secure and separate environment for the SAP backend
2. Migrate the existing processes and eleven environments running on the old infrastructure to the new infrastructure
CompletedMarilee KeoghPerformance tuning and optimization is underway June 20, 2016