AreaProjectTypeStageKey ObjectivesMore InformationOverall HealthITS LeadCommentsLast Updated
AcademicToolbox RenewalStrategicExecutionThe scope of the exercise is to look at enterprise-level educational technologies, recognizing that divisions and departments may continue to deploy local resources. However, in order to improve the possibility of integrating both enterprise and local applications into a common student experience, and to leverage the purchasing power of the University, the goal of the Renewal initiative is to implement a standards-based ecosystem that allows for the flexibility of integrating many tools and resources (so long as they too are standards-based).Project WebsitegreenA. HymanContinue to work with Procurement Services and the various advisory groups on refining an RFP type document for a Learning Management Engine. We've also launched a new tool integration request form. Please see website for more information. Sept 15, 2016
AcademicToolbox Integrations & ExpansionTacticalExecutionPortal Integrations extend the functionality of the Academic Toolbox (LMS) used at the University of Toronto. They add new tools and capabilities to the system. Integrations may allow access to vendor content, extend grading or assignment capabilities, or provide an alternative to existing services. New Integrations come out all the time and many faculty are interested in being able to use them within their courses. In order to use the extensions and alternate “apps” at UofT, they first need to go through an integration process. This project also includes important Portal (Blackboard) operations sub-projects.Project siteM. Di VittorioWork (including IRRM work) continues on existing project queue (see website for details). We've launched a new tool integration request form. Please see website for more.
May 10, 2016
CollaborativeNext Gen Enterprise Web Services (NGEWS)StrategicExecutionLast year we began an analysis of our enterprise web hosting services. What we determined was that our current enterprise web hosting services are out of date and don’t reflect current needs and the way in which divisional web services have developed at our University. We also recognized that cyber risk and protecting our websites from cyber attacks needed to be more of a priority. To move us forward, we have begun working towards a Next Generation of Enterprise Web Services. But we are not re-inventing the wheel. The services we are proposing are based on contemporary best practices.Project SiteP. CheungLaunched a new website, and have a contest open to name the Personal Spaces service.
Presented NGEWS at 2016 TKF. Preparing for Sept-Oct. 2016 service availability. Please see website for more information.
Sept. 15, 2016
CollaborativeEmail & ProductivityStrategicIdentificationPlanning for future, improved email and productivity services using contemporary solutions.
Email ServicesJ. GrahamWaiting for governanceMay 10, 2016
CollaborativeVideo Mediated CommunicationsTacticalIdentificationPlanning for future, improved video-mediated communication services using contemporary solutions.
J. GrahamTeam is currently reviewing options to determine whether the service should continue to be offered as a stand alone service, or whether there are opportunities for integration with other planned communications initiatives.May 10, 2016
AcademicLecture CaptureTacticalExecutionTechSmith Relay (formerly known as Camtasia Relay) is the University or Toronto's primary lecture capture resource, available to faculty, staff and students. Desktop content and presentations (I.e. Powerpoint) can be recorded with accompanying audio and (optional) video. These presentations are uploaded through the TechSmith Relay server and transferred to the library’s archival storage and streaming solution, MyMedia. TechSmith Relay is installed on the University of Toronto’s podiums. Techsmith RelayS. HollowsACT is currently mid-launch of TechSmith Relay 5, which will allow clients to record and upload from any network, and not just as part of the University of Toronto. This will also resolve a known issue when recording of Mac OS 10.10.5. Please see website for progress and more information.May 10, 2016
AcademicCourse EvaluationsOperationalExecutionAt the University of Toronto, course evaluations are conducted to collect formative data for instructors to improve their teaching, to provide summative data for administrative purposes (such as annual merit, tenure, and promotion review) and for program and curriculum review, and to provide members of the University community, including students, with information about teaching and courses at the university.Course Evaluation SiteP. EdenOperations continue as normal while updates are being planned and coordinated with vendor.May 10, 2016
CollaborativeTelecomm & MobileStrategicIdentificationOver the past several months, a number of primary stakeholders participated in a consultative process around the idea of creating a comprehensive mobile strategy at U of T.  Out of those conversations a proposal has been developed.Mobile StrategyA. HymanTeam is working to decommission old BES service (replaced by more contemporary solutions). For more on Telecom, see EIS Projects.May 10, 2016
CollaborativeWebsite ProductionOperationalExecutionWhile we work towards to the NGEWS, we continue to support a limited number of direct website clients.Project SiteA. HymanOperations continue as normal but examining the community need for site architecture planning and design.May 10, 2016
BothACT Website UpgradeTacticalIdentificationAcademic & Collaborative Technology (ACT) is a partnership between the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation and Information + Technology Services (Office of the CIO) at the University of Toronto. ACT provides strategic and tactical leadership in the development and implementation of information technology services that support the academic mission for the university as a whole.Project SiteS. MallThe team working to implement additional automated knowledge base responses to inbound help requests.May 10, 2016